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    • I ended up getting to 100 games this year. 

    • Season tickets in 113 cannot be purchased and U-Sector doesn't sell them. Your only hope is to buy seasons elsewhere in the stadium and hope to someday be able to move existing seats into 113 or another south end section. Getting into 113 is a multi-year process, if you can get in at all.

      The way to be a part of U-Sector is to come out (pre/post/away-game), get to know people and become a part of the group. It's not really a become a member kind of situation.
    • Hey man... good to hear from you Things have come a long way since that afternoon at the soccer centre eh ... we'll be able to say 20 years ago in a few haha the league and the cup, nice .....  or is it  "Undisputed Club Champions of North America" 
    • I am also interested in season tickets for the 2018 season. I sat in this section quite a few times over this past season & what a great time it was. Can someone explain how I go about becoming a member and purchasing 2 season tickets for next year in section 113? 
    • Hey Guys I was looking into season tickets in the southend, namely U-Sector. Couple of my friends are already there so the choice for me was obvious. I'm not sure what is the procedure. TFC website pointed me here. I saw the ticket excahnge threads, but that's not exactly what I wanted to know. So the question is how can I acquire season tickets in the section, is there a queue of people waiting in case someone is selling, who do I need to contact? Thanks DD