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Enterprise Captain

The Star Trek Thread

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Bryan Fuller Stepping Down As Showrunner of “Star Trek: Discovery” I guess it's a good thing if he can't fully commit but kind of disappointing he didn't fully commit.

Also, Here is the schedule for the Trek films at the TIFF Lightbox:

Prime Timeline Films:
Nov 1 - 9:15pm: The Motion Picture
Nov 6 - 1:00pm: The Wrath of Khan (Director's Cut)
Nov 11 - 9:45pm: The Search for Spock
Nov 13 - 6:00pm: The Voyage Home
Nov 19 - 6:00pm: The Final Frontier
Nov 20 - 6:00pm: The Undiscovered Country 
Nov 27 - 1:00pm: Generations 
Nov 29 - 9:15pm: First Contact 
Dec 11 - 1:00pm: Insurrection 
Dec 13 - 9:15pm: Nemesis

Dec 26 - 9:00pm: The Wrath of Khan
Dec 28 - 5:15pm: The Wrath of Khan

Kelvin Timeline Films:
Oct 28 - 8:45pm: Star Trek
Oct 29 - 8:45pm: Into Darkness
Oct 30 - 6:00pm: Beyond
Dec 17 - 4:00pm: Star Trek
Dec 20 - 8:30pm: Into Darkness
Dec 21 - 9:00pm: Beyond

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On 9/3/2015 at 0:44 PM, Enterprise Captain said:

I heard about this.Though the movie worked really well because it was a homage to Star Trek the phenomenon as a whole I don't know how a series will work? If it is a prequel set behind the scenes during the shooting of the "Galaxy Quest" TV series it could be interesting. Otherwise it will be sort of a knock off Star Trek which I don't think will work.

Seth MacFarlane will have a new live-action series on the Fox Network called The Orville.

Think "Galaxy Quest" meets "Family Guy," and you're on the right track.

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