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  1. Sunday August 13th Toronto FC III 2 North Toronto Nitros 3 Sunday August 13th Toronto Skillz 3 Windsor TFC Stars 0
  2. August 14th, 2017 e-mail to me as I'm a TFC II season ticket holder: Dear TFC II Season Ticket Members, I’m writing today to let you know that next season TFC II will be relocating from the Ontario Soccer Centre to downtown Toronto. The City of Vaughan and Ontario Soccer Centre have been valuable partners and supporters of the club the last three seasons and TFC would like to thank everyone for their support. I would also like to thank you, our Season Ticket Members, for your support of our Young Reds. The venue for the 2018 season has not been finalized but we do know TFC II will be playing home games at BMO Field and Lamport Stadium and we look forward to seeing you there. For any questions regarding this move please contact Alex Adamo at or 416-815-5313. Thanks again for your continued support and we hope to see you at TFC II’s next home match on Wednesday, August 30th vs. Saint Louis FC. All For One, Bill Manning President Inconvenient for me as more 90+ minute TTC commutes each way rather than a 30 minute drive.
  3. Result and details of the Wednesday August 9, 2017 USL game between Toronto FC II and Charlotte Independence played at BMO Field in Toronto at 8:00pm. 48 min...TFC Jordan Hamilton GOAL...TFC Aidan Daniels intercepts pass at 35 yards and runs up right even with post to 18 yards and has shot blocked. He then rolls ball to middle for TFC Tsubasa Endoh who dribbles forward a few steps to defender and taps to left for Hamilton who runs to top left of 6 yard box and rolls ball past another defender and sliding goalie into right corner of net. 61 min...Charlotte (TFC own goal) GOAL...CI Joel Johnson rushes up right to end line and low 22 yard cross just before TFC Ashton Morgan slide can deflect it behind line has CI David Estrada and TFC Mitchell Taintor with legs up lunge for it at 8 yards along line and ball bounces at 2 yards and TFC goalie Mark Pais on right post gets hand to but steers it into own net. [the goal was announced as scored by Joel Johnson over the PA but USL records changed it to an own goal.] 64 min...Charlotte RED card...Donald Smith earns it as he and TFC Jordan McCrary slide from opposite directions for a loose ball at TFC 35 yard line and Smith studs catch chin of McCrary injuring him. McCrary had got foot to ball first to clear. 78 min...Charlotte Jaime Siaj GOAL...TFC Jordan Hamilton is stripped of ball from behind by CI Yann Elva in middle on edge of CI box. CI Henry Kalungi is given short pass and he dribbles upfield on left and sends pass forward from CI 50 yard line to Siaj running up sideline to get ball at TFC 30 yard line. He dribbles forward and ahead of TFC Julian Dunn-Johnson and cuts towards goal and shoots low 10 yarder from left into right corner of net past sliding goalie on left edge of 6 yard box. 91 min...TFC Jordan Hamilton GOAL...Hamilton at 35 yards in middle rolls pass to TFC Ashtone Morgan on left sideline past slide of CI David Estrada. Morgan at 25 yard line runs forward to 15 yard line then rolls ball back to TFC Liam Fraser and his cross from 35 yards on left finds Hamilton who chests ball down at 12 yards on right and steps to center to get shot around CI Austin Yearwood and curl it into left corner of net. Final Score:...Toronto FC II.....2......Charlotte Independence....2... Attendance started at 1000 which was about half the crowd that had watched the TFC first team Open Practice that ended at 7:10pm. (more on that at the bottom of this report). By halftime that had dropped to 750 and down to less than 500 after Charlotte took the lead. Fans were squeezed into the 100 sections of the East stands except for a small supporters group who were allowed to move to the south endzone. About 200 Army cadets seated together in the main stands started their own cheers at different times of the game. Referee David Barrie who switched places after the warm up from fourth official to replace Marie-Soleil Beaudoin. He gave out three Yellow cards late in the game (two to Charlotte for time-wasting) and the one straight Red. Two changes to the TFC lineup that surprised me because of their huge upset win over the then Eastern Conference leaders Charleston Battery were that Mark Pais was given the start in goal after Angelo Cavalluzo had registered a shutout in that game. Also the only goal scorer in that game, Shaan Hundal started on the bench in favour of Ben Spencer but was subbed in at 32 minutes after Spencer and CI Bilal Duckett crashed heads jumping for a ball in the CI box six minutes earlier. The Independence had an unusual lineup in that their two leading scorers (with 12 goals each) did not start. Enzo Martinez was suspended for two Yellow cards on the weekend—the second of which was from what I've heard was pulling off his shirt celebrating his hat trick. (He was named USL Player of the Week for that performance). George Herrara was the other but he did sub in at 56 minutes. [Today, Thursday he was just awarded USL Player of the Month for July]. Jordan Hamilton scored both goals for TFC II. I don't know if this is enough to get him back onto the MLS roster but if the coaches hung around after the practice they could see for themselves. Tsubasa Endoh and Ashtone Morgan are also players who shuffle back and forth between the two teams. They also played well tonight. Seventeen year old Julian Dunn-Johnson continues to hang on to his starting position in defence over TFC draft pick NCAA grad Brandon Aubrey. 86 minutes had Dunn-Johnson make a sliding tackle just outside the box on Yann Ekra who had gotten the ball at 45 yards and bashed up the middle and was winding up for a shot and possible insurance goal. None of the players in this game was part of the TFC Open Practice held a few hours earlier. TFC II had beaten the first place team on Saturday night in their victory over Charleston Battery (Jordan Hamilton was not in their lineup that night) and now have a result over the new leaders Charlotte who took over that same night. The tie improves TFC II's record to 4 wins, 12 losses, 6 ties for 18 points and fourteenth place in the fifteen team Eastern Conference. It is only the second game they have scored at least two goals this season. A tie is not really good enough at this stage of the season to climb into eighth place for the last playoff spot. has their weighted average chances of making the playoffs down to 0.2%. The tie improves Charlotte's record to 11 wins, 3 losses, 7 ties for 40 points and keeps them in first place in the East. They extend their unbeaten streak to twelve games but would really have loved to stretch their lead further in first place after taking over last weekend for the first time this season. Charlotte Independence is a rather newly formed team (2014) and took the place of Charlotte Eagles who dropped to the PDL because of them. Eagles just won the PDL Championship a few weeks ago in the playoff final over Thunder Bay. They are not related. Two great teams! Woooh! I believe the wrestlers Ric Flair and his daughter are also from that city. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The Toronto FC Open practice: This was an event scheduled on a few weeks notice with invitations sent out for TFC Season Ticket Holders to come and watch. I expect this has replaced the annual BBQ held on a summer weekend at the KIA Training Ground. That event has proven so popular that it was available by lottery last year and I was not chosen to go. BBQs were fun but it wasn't a time to meet the players as the MLS team was usually out of town on that weekend. Sometimes injured players were signing autographs. Yesterday's event also has probably replaced the Open practice that was held for schoolkids as I haven't hear of this year. Everything today was General Admission but only the 100 levels on the East side were opened up. I sat in my usual SSH seat. There was really nothing very interesting for me to watch. I always try to get to the games before the gates open so I get to see the players warm up for half hour before the match. There were a few Q&A sessions—with microphones being passed around and a text address to ask questions. They were all softballs about the main team so there was no news discovered. The only question that interested me was about the heart monitors/GPS system bibs that the players wear. It turns out ALL their players wear them—some like to wear it over their t-shirts and some under—I had believed only the over the t-shirt wearers were participants. Fans from the supporter groups chanted between breaks in the Q&A periods. Recovering midfielder Steven Beitashour was practicing some running drills away from the main practice and drew cheers when he ran by our sideline later on. They held a 20 minute 9 on 9 scrimmage game with goals at the 25 yard lines and narrowed the field with pylons 7 yards inward between first team players. After practice Tosaint Ricketts and Jay Chapman were part of another Q&A with just more softballs and nothing about the national team. The schedule for me was going to be Open practice, dinner, and TFC II game. It turned out since I wandered in through my usual gate which was unguarded when I got there, I didn't get a voucher for food. When I saw the vouchers that others had I didn't want to lose my spot so didn't leave to come in through the proper gate. I didn't want to buy anything...$6.00 for a slice of pizza...that makes a good story about TFC's president Bill Manning comparing the Toronto market with a pizza restaurant and only having enough room for one in the city when he was initially questioned about the upstart Canadian Premier League earlier this year. Fans were encouraged to stay in their seats for the TFC II game for free which would start within an hour later. I brought my TFC II ticket with me anyway so it was no freebie for me. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx It was nice to get to get out of there and onto a half empty streetcar. Also the Blue Jays baseball game was still going on so I was able to get out of Union Station on the subway without having to fight their fans for a seat. TFC II's next game is Sunday against Bethlehem Steel to start a three game road trip. Their next home game is Wednesday August 30 against Saint Louis at their more familiar home Ontario Soccer Centre in Vaughan. Rocket Robin twitter RocketRobin01
  4. August 6th Women's Final FC London 6 Woodbridge Strikers 1 August 6th Men's Final Woodbridge Strikers 3 Vaughan Azzurri 1
  5. Result and details of the Saturday August 5, 2017 USL game between Toronto FC II and Charleston Battery played at The Soccer Centre in Vaughan at 4:30pm. 51 min...TFC Shaan Hundal GOAL...CB Skylar Thomas in TFC end blasts a 35 yard shot from right that's blocked and now he's out of position. TFC Tsubasa Endoh sends pass forward on left to charging Hundal at 35 yards between two other defenders CB Forrest Lasso and CB Taylor Mueller and he runs to just inside left side of box and rolls 18 yard shot into right corner of net with goalie Odisnel Cooper sliding at 8 yards. Final Score:...Toronto FC II.......1......Charleston Battery.....0.... Attendance was announced as 1145 on this mild and partly cloudy day. The sun must have been out more than I thought as most of my game notes were converted from wristwatch time as the sun was shining on the scoreboard. It was also windy the whole game with crossfield gusts from the west making high passes and clearance either die or blow out of bounds. Only way to beat that was to keep the ball on the ground although both teams did not follow that rule. The attendance was excellent (relative to TFC II's other home games) as they haven't played a home game since their win against Ottawa on July 8. Since then their three game road trip they lost all three without scoring. It had rained twice earlier in the day and the MLS team's game away in Washington DC was starting half hour after this game ended. Man of the Match (who is always a TFC II player) was named as Tsubasa Endoh. Just at that time I was over at the player's gate asking Shaan Hundal to fill me in on the assist on his goal...Ok it was Endoh. I had been marking Endoh as someone who was among the worst at judging the wind with a cornerkick flying from one side over the box and out for a throw-in and a weak 33 yard freekick into the wind that didn't even make the edge of the box. Only place windier than here is their KIA Training Centre so they all should be quicker at adapting than any visiting team. I said to Hundai that he should have won the coffee product prize today. Angelo Cavalluzzo earned the shutout for TFC. It was his tenth start of the season. He hadn't been starting for about a month with Mark Pais getting all the games. He had a few key saves to make. Best was at 80 minutes when a Battery cornerkick from the right had CB Taylor Mueller head the ball from 7 yards on the right over to the left and CB Ricky Garbanzo took a 12 yard shot that Cavalluzzo flew over to just under the bar and palmed it over the top right corner. There was a big scare in the last minute of injury time when CB Jarad van Schaik took a 60 yard freekick down the middle and Cavalluzzo at 8 yards even with the right post in a crowd of players in the box looked like he palmed the ball into his own net but the referee whistled play down as a CB player ran into him. The 80 minute save is the kind that should be nominated for Save-of-the-Week because of its importance. I was still getting tweets and e-mails yesterday to vote for Mark Pais for last week. Sure it looked better but if he hadn't stopped it they would have lost 3-0 instead of 2-0. Referee Chris Grabus (who I can't remember ever seeing before) gave out two Yellow cards—one to each team. CB Ricky Garbanza either on a delayed call or talking away from the play at 17 minutes and TFC Julian Dunn-Johnson in second half injury time for stalling around taking a throw-in. The game didn't look rough at all. An official monitoring the game answered me that Grabus was from Montreal. Starting Canadians (seven!) on TFC included goalie Cavalluzzo, defender Julian Dunn-Johnson (age 17, I think I've had that wrong in my last few reports), midfielders Ryan Telfer, Liam Fraser and Aidan Daniels, and forwards Hundal and Malik Johnson. Johnson was subbed out at 74 minutes with a leg injury and replaced by Canadian Sergio Camargo. Daniels lasted 62 minutes. New 'pro signing' from their academy 18 year old midfielder Dante Campbell came in at 82 minutes. Luca Uccello is injured and didn't play today. Battery defender Skylar Thomas played the first 76 minutes. The Canadian played for TFC II last year. He mostly stayed in the back but could be criticized for coming too far forward on the TFC goal. Last year he was often in the opposition box on corner kicks because he's 6'3". The Battery got by without their top scorer Romario Williams who has scored 14 goals this season which is higher than the 11 that TFC have scored all season even after today. He is back from the Gold Cup where Jamaica made the final but missed today's game from what I read because of Yellow card accumulation. Williams scored what turned out to be the winner in the quarterfinal game against Canada. It was a good result for TFC who avenge their worst loss of the year when they traveled to Charleston and lost 6-1 on June 24. The result improves TFC's record to 4 wins, 12 losses, 5 ties for 17 points. They move from fifteenth (last in the Eastern Conference) to fourteenth (if Richmond Kickers don't get a result this weekend). Charleston was in first place in the East but now have a record of 10 wins, 5 losses, 7 ties for 37 points and may be passed by one or two teams this weekend. Their last six results have been tie, loss, loss, tie, tie, and now loss to show they've really cooled down. Next game for TFC II is on Wednesday and it has been moved to BMO Field so they can bookend it after the Toronto FC (MLS) first team practice and have a season ticket holder's meal between the two events. I suspect this has replaced the picnic at the KIA Training Centre which had limited space and last year my invitation was declined. The opponent on Wednesday is Charlotte Independence who were second at the start of the day on a ten game unbeaten streak. There is a good chance they could be the first place team by the time of that game. Rocket Robin twitter@RocketRobin01
  6. July 29th Sigma FC 2 vs Durham United FA 2 July 29th Pro Stars vs Toronto Skillz ppd July 30th Woodbridge Strikers 0 Toronto FC III 0
  7. Sunday July 23rd Vaughan Azzurri 0 Oakville Blue Devils 2 my take on game at: Sunday July 23rd Woodbridge Strikers 4 Pro Stars FC 0 my take on game at:
  8. Result and details of the Wednesday July 19, 2017 All Stars game between League 1 Ontario and the PLSQ (Quebec) all star teams played at the Soccer Centre in Vaughan at 7:30pm. 42 min...L1O Giuliano Frano GOAL...L1O Dylan Carreiro takes cornerkick from left that has PLSQ goalie Gabard Fenelon swat forward to keep a L1O player from connecting on header. L1O Cristian Cavallini at 8 yards puts leg out and skies ball towards goal and defender heads off line while bumping with own goalie when ball drops down and his header is along left end line to 12 yards. L1O Jarek Whiteman is waiting and leaps and heads ball back to edge of 6 yard box and Frano kicks 6 yarder down middle over defender to top right corner of net with goalie who'd just got back up from left post trapped in middle. Final Score:......League 1 Ontario......1.....PLSQ Quebec.....0... Attendance was not announced but I'd estimate was at least 1000 to maybe 1200. This is better than the USL Toronto FC II games for all but their school day games. This was a great showing for a weeknight game. There were a lot of young male fans dressed in their jerseys or windbreakers from their soccer academies. I figured each team was consigned a number of tickets and did well to fill the place. Referee Fabrizio Stasolla gave out no Yellow cards and called a water break in each half as the weather was at last cooling after a heat wave from earlier in the day. There was a quality PA system with Ari Soroka who regularly announces at Oakville Blue Devils games calling out the numerous subs made during an All Star game. Four subs for each team at halftime alone! The PLSQ players had a coach (bus) which would take them back (the driver estimated five hours). Of course now it's not rush hour as it took me almost one hour just to cross halfway across Toronto to get here. The PLSQ league is made up of seven teams mostly around Montreal with one near Quebec City and one in Gatineau (across the river from Ottawa Ontario). They had representatives from six of their teams but not the first place AS Blainville. Maybe a few of added players from that team may have swayed the result. They brought six subs which they had used by 55 minutes. One exception was at 85 minutes when they brought back on Sean Rosa who'd gone off at halftime but came back on to replace starter Mitchell Syla. Syla looked the most dangerous player for them with his crosses, cornerkicks, and shots. League 1 Ontario had announced 34 players as all-stars (a minimum of one from all 16 teams) but that was whittled down to a more manageable 23 the week before the game—also freezing out three of the also-ran teams. All players from their lineup got into the game (except for third goalie Gianluca Catalano from TFC III). 83 minutes Kembo Kibato replaced halftime sub Kadell Thomas for the only time a sub replaced a sub. Julian Dunn-Johnson from TFC III was the only first team all-star who didn't make the game day roster but it wouldn't surprise me that he will be with the USL TFC II on their trip to New York to play Red Bulls II on Friday night. He is only age 16 and has somewhat displaced TFC Brandon Aubrey who the team is trumpeting for 2017 Fans' Choice USL Midseason Awards as Best Defender and Rookie of the Year. After Aubrey's own goal against Harrisburg, Dunn-Johnson subbed in a few minutes later and hasn't given his spot back yet! I was expecting the Ontario side to win much more comfortably but with so many players taking the field and the fact that the players are scattered between so many teams, there were times where it looked like they'd never played together before, which was true except for a few practices. Passes were often mistimed and runs were not made after getting called offside a few times. Vaughan Azzurri and undefeated Sigma FC were the best represented L1O teams with four players each. The L1O team shutout was shared by starter Quillan Roberts from Woodbridge Strikers who made way for Triston Henry from Sigma at 62 minutes. I counted Roberts with having three 25 yard shots to save until the minute before he came off when he made a point blank save from 5 yards off PLSQ Mitchell Syla. Henry had four stops to make all from the 84th minute on. Both goalies were greatly aided by their defenders who blocked or poked away all but that one shot attempt from inside the box. It was somewhat appropriate that MVP of the game was announced as FC London defender Aaron Schneebeli. He was the only L1O player to play the full 90 minutes. Injury time found him doing the splits at 5 yards to clear a low cross sent into the box. PLSQ goalies Gabard Fenelon played the first half and Horace Patient Sobze Zemo played the second. I was watching from the stands by my choice so I'd have the sun at my back and could do my own photography. I did miss out on talking with any of the celebs or the new fan group. Jason Devos was there and Jim Brennan did the coin toss (although I realized later than may have been awkward as none of his Aurora FC players were in tonight's game). I did recognize PLSQ director Kambiz Ebadi from previous years. I asked him after the game if their league was noticing their rosters were being stocked with rather older players waiting for the start up of the new Canadian Premier League as soon as next year. His counterpart Dino Rossi in L1O and I have discussed that over the months. Yes he said that their mandate states each team has to have at least nine professionals on the team and he expects a lot of them will move along to the new league. That's what I've heard about L1O too from execs and a few players. Ron Smale, recently reelected president of the Ontario Soccer Association was handing out pins. I met other writers from the Northern Starting XI site before the game. Besides another one in the stands that will make four people rehashing the same story. How good was the attendance? Although there was only one mobile concession stand operating tonight—doing BBQ (TFC II usually also brings in an ice-cream vendor), fans were saying the stand ran out of hot dog buns and change as they were given so many $20 bills. There will be no November series to determine the best D3 caliber league in Canada between the best club teams in these two leagues. It was decided to wait until a possible matchup now that the Canadian Championships for the Voyageurs Cup will include the best L1O and PLSQ team qualifying for the competition next spring. Tonight made the twenty-ninth L1O game I've attended so far this season. Rocket Robin twitter @RocketRobin01
  9. Saturday July 15th Pro Stars FC 1 Vaughan Azzurri 11 Jarek Whiteman with seven goals! Saturday July 15th Sigma FC 4 Ottawa South United Force 1 Sunday July 16th Windsor TFC Stars 0 Ottawa South United Force 1 (game played in Woodbridge)
  10. Friday July 7th Durham United FA 1 Sanjaxx Lions 0 my take on the game at: Saturday July 8th Master's FA Saints 2 Pro Stars FC 0 my take on the game at: Sunday July 9th Toronto Skillz 0 Oakville Blue Devils 5 my take on the game at:
  11. Result and details of the Saturday July 8, 2017 USL game between Toronto FC II and Ottawa Fury played at the Ontario Soccer Centre in Vaughan at 7:30pm. 72 min...TFC Luca Uccello GOAL...TFC Brian James stops his own run and passes from 60 yards on left that finds Uccello running on the right at 35 yard line and he runs forward and gets shot around OF Andrae Campbell at 25 yards on right and over goalie Callum Irving at 6 yards in center of goal and ball drops into left corner of net. 93 min...OF RED card...Andrae Campbell earns his second Yellow card for tripping TFC Luca Uccello who was breaking out of TFC box with ball after frantic scramble in box. Final Score:......Toronto FC II......1......Ottawa Fury.......0...... Attendance was announced as 1007. That was more than six times more than last Saturday night against Harrisburg City. This was the largest crowd of the season here except for the two matinee school day games packed with middle school students and the game played down at BMO Field on May 13 when they were able to hang onto just over 10% of their MLS crowd. Tonight was a warm evening but people left to get windbreakers from their cars at halftime as it was cooling off quickly. Last week was a holiday weekend that would have cut into their numbers. Also there was no threat of rain like a week ago when there were two storms on game day. Last Saturday also had the TFC MLS team playing away in Dallas with kickoff only thirty minutes after the USL game ended. A lot of fans probably stayed home. I think the biggest rivalry was that this week's team was Ottawa...a team new to the USL this year after a history with NASL and this year for the first time, an opponent drawn for the MLS team for the semi-final of the Canadian Championships. The Fury won the first game in Ottawa 2-1 before being overpowered 4-0 a week later in Toronto when TFC used more of their MLS lineup. Tonight's game wouldn't have Sebastian Giovinco coming in off the bench. I didn't know how many marginal MLS players might make their way into tonight's lineup because the MLS team has the week off and their manager Greg Vanney might want to keep them sharp. Also at the other end, Toronto FC III of League 1 Ontario had a key game earlier in the day against Vaughan Azzurri (ironically youth players from Vaughan Soccer Club were the ball kids for today) so that would limit teenage players 'brought up' from that squad for this game. It turned out only midfielder Tsubasa Endoh (who has recently been getting some MLS minutes including starts) and little used forward Ben Spencer were their only MLS roster players. I thought I saw goalie Clint Irwin warming up in net but it must have been regular Mark Pais with Angelo Cavalluzzo as backup. Cavalluzzo shut out the Fury on April 22 in USL action in Ottawa in a 0-0 draw. Ottawa is the only other Canadian team in the Eastern Conference so the game day staff had thirteen kids hold one large Canadian flag as they were not needed to split between two medium sized Canadian and American flags. Man of the Match (who is always a TFC II player) was announced as Luca Uccello for the obvious reason as he scored the game's only goal. I'd say it was between him and goalie Mark Pais who had to make some spectacular saves early to keep them in the game and late to hold on to the lead. Uccello won last week too but as I straightened up last week Anthony's Espresso is a coffee supplier not the maker of coffee machines so it's the coffee that's the prize each game. Mark Pais earned the shutout for TFC. He was always the busier man in net right from the start of the game. Fury really turned up the pressure after the TFC goal. At 75 minutes OF Steevan Dos Santos got by a falling defender at 75 minutes but couldn't get away a shot. A minute later a goal by him was whistled down as offside. 78 minutes had OF Ryan Williams send a 35 yard freekick down the middle that Pais caught. A minute later TFC Jordan McCrary made a key header on the left side of the box to break up a play. 82 minutes had TFC Julian Dunn-Johnson chest down a ball and clear from their box. A minute later OF Lance Rozeboom crossed from the right side of the box and OF Carl Haworth couldn't get away a shot in a mass of defenders on the left side of the box. 84 minutes had OF Gerardo Bruna chip a ball from 30 yards on the left into the box and an OF player whiffed on the ball at 8 yards and Haworth shot a low 8 yarder forward and wide left of the post but the play was flagged offside. 86 minutes had OF Andrae Campbell run into the box but the play was whistled down for him pushing down McCrary. 88 minutes had OF Sito Seoane work a ball to the right edge of the box and centered a pass to OF Sergio Manesio who did the splits to try to pass forward to Seoane from 20 yards but a defender blocked and cleared for a fast break. 93 minutes had OF Tucker Hume take a 16 yard shot up the middle that had the goalie make a huge save at 3 yards in the middle of goal to dive and push the ball to the right. Dos Santos got to the ball and his low 8 yard shot from the right was stopped by TFC Julian Dunn-Johnson at 3 yards on the right post. That same minute the OF goalie lofted a 70 yard freekick high to the edge of the box where in a crowd of players had Hume not able to get away a shot after bashing through to the 8 yard line then a defender cleared and TFC Luca Uccello was tripped up breaking out of the box by Campbell resulting in his second Yellow. Fury had 'goals' at 27 minutes and 76 minutes ruled offside. Julian Dunn-Johnson was a starting defender for TFC and played well. He is the only Canadian defender on the team and more impressive he is only age 15 and it's tough with the team playing like their MLS parent with only three men in the back. Brandon Aubrey who was credited with an own goal last week was glued to the bench. Dunn-Johnson subbed for him at 71 minutes last week and isn't giving up that spot yet. Referee David Barrie gave out five Yellow cards tonight (three to the Fury—and two to Andrae Campbell). Campbell's second which was the last play of the game was to prevent a TFC breakout with all the Fury players forward for a last minute scramble in the box and he was preventing a breakout which would have been an open space 80 yard dash downfield. I had been critical while watching a halftime 8 v 8 mini-game between kids in the center circle with no-one holding their positions. I asked a soccer mom beside me "How old are kids when they are taught to hold their positions?" Well this late scramble was one time those kids hopefully never forget. It was another Young Reds Day (as was last week) with under age 14 fans being able to take Penalty kicks after the game if their parents signed a waiver. Players came over to the sidelines to greet the fans and sign autographs after the game unlike last week when they lost and fled as soon as the whistle blew. Before the game I asked questions to new Fury signing Adonijah Reid who was suddenly on their roster within the last three days after being drafted by MLS FC Dallas earlier this year as a Generation Adidas player. This was a former League 1 Ontario co-leading goalscorer (with Filipe Vijela of Oakville) for ANB Futbol with 20 goals in the 2015 season when he was only age 15. He is still only 17! He answered me that he is still with FC Dallas who can recall him but since they don't have a USL team they've placed him with Ottawa to get more playing time. TFC won at home for just the second time this season. They looked good at beating another fringe playoff team like when they edged Orlando City B last month. now has TFC II climbing from 0.2 % to exactly 1.0% chance for making the USL playoffs. Their record improves to 3 wins, 9 losses, 5 ties for 14 points and they climb out of the basement (fifteenth) up to fourteenth. Fury's record falls to 5 wins, 6 losses, 5 ties for 20 points and are tied for tenth place. Top eight earn a playoff spot. TFC now have a weekend off before playing two in a week on the road against New York Red Bulls II and Rochester Rhinos then finish with another road game against Ottawa (their third league meeting this season—unusual based on the number of teams and games but done to build rivalries). Next home game isn't until August 5 against the current first place Charleston Battery who beat TFC 6-1 two weeks ago. Rocket Robin twitter RocketRobin01
  12. Games I went to this weekend: Friday June 30th North Toronto Nitros 3 North Mississauga Panthers 3 Sunday July 2nd Vaughan Azzurri 1 Sigma FC 2 Sunday July 2nd Woodbridge Strikers 2 Sanjaxx Lions 0
  13. Result and details of the Saturday July 1, 2007 USL game between Toronto FC II and Harrisburg City Islanders played at the Ontario Soccer Centre in Vaughan at 5:00pm. 22 min...HCI Pedro Ribeiro GOAL...Ribeiro bends freekick from 20 yards on right around player wall and flying goalie Mark Pais gets hands to but pushes ball into top left corner of net. 27 min...TFC Mitch Taintor GOAL...TFC Luca Uccello takes 30 yard freekick from right that has ball land on left and charging Taintor boots in 8 yarder into top left just under bar. 30 min...HCI Jake Bond GOAL...HCI Abass Mohammed boots chip from 75 yards downfield on left near sideline. HCI Pedro Ribeiro receives it at TFC 25 yard line on left then he cuts around TFC Brandon Aubrey to get to end line and sends low cross from 20 yards bouncing along 6 yard box where Bond waiting all alone at 6 yards one-touches ball booting shot into short side of net beyond diving goalie. 34 min...TFC Luca Uccello GOAL...TFC Adan Daniels at 40 yards passes forward up middle to Uccello in middle at 25 yards who touches ball left to TFC Aikim Andrews who eludes HCI Travis Brent's sliding tackle on edge of box but that pops ball up. Andrews turns around for it and chips short pass from 12 yards on left to Uccello at 7 yards with goalie Brandon Miller caught on left, Uccello kicks in 6 yarder to middle of net with retreating HCI Jake Bond too late to keep it out. 47 min...HCI (TFC own goal) GOAL...HCI James Thomas makes low centering pass from 22 yard line on left that finds HCI Jake Bond who runs up to 10 yards even with right post and shoots low that sprawling goalie on right post gets hand to rolling it along 3 yard line and retreating TFC Brandon Aubrey kicks into own net off his shin one step ahead of charging Thomas. 57 min...HCI Paul Wilson GOAL...HCI Shawn McLaws is given pass and he runs down right wing to 25 yard line where he sends low centering cross where HCI James Thomas on edge of box but he's marked by defender so he taps ball to HCI Pedro Ribeiro running across from right. He controls and passes from 18 yards between two defenders for Thomas who now is alone and takes 8 yard shot up middle that goalie dives forward to make point blank save at 7 yards and ball pops over to right where Wilson beats retreating TFC Ryan Telfer to shoot tough angle 10 yarder from right into left side of open net. 73 min...TFC Aikem Andrews GOAL...TFC Liam Fraser intercepts pass at HCI 50 yard line and passes forward for TFC Ricardo John at 35 yard line who dribbles down middle and steps by HCI Tiago Calvano to 20 yards and taps pass to right for Andrews to shoot 18 yarder from right into short top right corner of net. Final Score:.....Toronto FC II.........3.....Harrisburg City Islanders.....4........ Attendance was announced as 156 (that's one hundred fifty-six) on this warm afternoon with a pregame rain and the hazy sun actually coming out during the second half. I know it was a USL Cup game but USL conference rivals FC Cincinnati drew more that 32000 for a midweek game a few days ago against MLS opposition. For us....blah blah blah Canada Day holiday weekend, and pregame rain (actually there were two as there was an early morning rain as well) but I appreciate the PA announcer for an honest announcement. Referee Yusri Rudolf gave out three Yellow cards today (two to HCI) in a game that wasn't rough but a lot of HCI players went down with injuries. Paul Wilson who would later score replaced Rasheed Olabiyi at 19 minutes when he couldn't continue. Some fans were saying about later injuries 'Get up' when other HCI players went down but funniest comment was at 84 minutes when HCI Abass Mohammed went down but play continued on into the TFC end. When the tide turned and TFC had a rush a teammate yelled out 'get up' and Mohammed got up to make TFC Aikim Andrews rush his shot from 12 yards that had the goalie make an overhead catch just under the bar. The tie was still waiting until almost the last kick of the game where TFC Dante Campbell got a cross drop into the middle but he whiffed on the ball at 12 yards then shot wide left of the net. Mark Pais can't really be blamed for any of the HCI goals. On most of them he made the initial save and had no one to clear the rebounds. Angelo Cavalluzzo had played many games in a row but had been shelled for six goals last week against first place Charleston Battery so it gave Pais a chance to start again. Harrisburg improves to 4 wins, 7 losses, 4 ties for 17 points and they climb up to twelve place in the Eastern Conference. It was their second win in a row. TFC II's record falls to 2 wins, 9 losses, 5 ties for 11 points. They are in fifteenth (last) place in the East. Their three goals adds to the six goals they had scored all year up to now and the first time they have scored two goals in a game this season. The broadcast crew mentioned that Luca Uccello had taken the scoring lead for TFC II with his second goal of the season! It must be tough on TFC head coach Jason Bent making a line up as this week TFC MLSers that at times have been loaned down were up with the big team in Dallas. Ashtone Morgan was a starter and Tsubasa Endoh, Jason Hernandez, Jay Chapman, Ben Spencer, and Jordan Hamilton were on the bench. Oyvind Alseth who has been a TFC II mainstay was also playing against Dallas and was a starter. Some writers have been making these elaborate story-lines about how TFC II can climb to eighth to make the playoffs but I am more looking forward to watching young players getting their chances to get on the team and obtaining playing time. Guys like midfielders Dante Campbell and Malik Johnson I've had a chance to watch at TFC III in League 1 Ontario. Andrew Dias just joined from TFC III in the last week and Julian Dunn-Johnson bypassed the whole L1O team by joining TFC II from their academy last week. He is only age 15 and is the only Canadian defender on the team (OK Ashtone Morgan was really a drop-down from the MLS team). He replaced Brandon Aubrey at 71 minutes and didn't look out of place...(didn't give up an own goal). I buy into what TFC general manager Tim Bezbatchenko answered me one or two years ago that the purpose of TFC II is to feed players to the MLS team so development is more important than results. Man of the Match (who is always a TFC II player) was named as Luca Uccello and wins the prize from one of the team sponsors 'Anthony's Espresso Equipment'. I saw his father on the way out and joked it must have been about the fourth time he won an espresso machine. He said it's only the supplies they give him like the reloads and not a new machine each time. I confirmed with the company who were putting away their demo equipment not so much for that but to say something friendly after snapping at them while standing on the other side of the gate in the pregame rain "You shouldn't give a prize when the team loses 6-1". The owner said "Why not? Winning isn't everything"...which makes a perfect loop of how I felt at the end of the game. It was Canada Day and we were given a small nylon Canadian flag on a wooden stick which was nice and more permanent than the paper flags most cities give out at their festivals. We early arrivals (first 200 which meant everyone) were given a piece of cake on a stick. It was smaller than a golf ball—I asked for a second piece on my way out. I didn't like how the team fled to the exits without coming to the fence to talk to their fans but I guess they were too upset by the loss. Rocket Robin twitter @RocketRobin01
  14. The games I went to this weekend: Saturday June 24 Aurora FC 0 North Mississauga 1 Sunday June 25 Vaughan 2 Windsor TFC 0 Sunday June 26 Woodbridge 1 FC London 1
  15. Sunday June 18, 2017 Oakville Blue Devils 4 Ottawa South United Force 2 my take on the game at: