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  1. Pair available in 113. $31 total
  2. Face value in 113 for this match is $19.
  3. Face value in 113 for this match is $19.
  4. Stubhub is coming down like a lead balloon. I think there will be some desperate scalpers on the day.
  5. cool. didn't see that at all last game.
  6. I'm misinformed then. Is access through what was gate 3a/b/whatever the middle gate usually is then?
  7. I might be wrong but 300's are apparently 'disconnected' from the rest of the stadium
  8. Looking for 1 or 2
  9. It is 'officially' sold out. Try calling the Impact ticket office and see if they have any left, or tickets next to that section
  10. Nothing we can do about other sites. I highly doubt any U-Sector people would do this. In year 1 a good chunk of 113 was blocked off and sold as corporate tickets of which some undoubtedly are still in the hands of scalpers.
  11. They are worried about inebriatti but in reality capping tickets like this leads to obvious safety issues.. Smh.