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  1. Still the worse USIL team I've ever played on...
  2. Thank you for arranging this, Gary! What name is the reservation under?
  3. Interested, plus 1.5
  4. Lol. Beauty and the Beef. The should have a discount night and calle it Sale As Old As Time. I'll get my coat...
  5. Patience people. No one will get left out 😃
  6. But that's part of the problem, I think. Without any sort of formal "Membership List" or way of keeping track of who is officially a member, how do you define which seats your members occupy?
  7. Ya I get what you're saying, I didn't know about the chair thing until after I posted my opinion. To be honest I think it's all bullshit and I don't want to deal with it. I think security can do a better job, but then we'll complain security is too strict. It's a slippery slope and coming to a middle ground may be next to impossible. I can't help but think that if the club had given us control of tickets in our section from the get go we wouldn't be worrying about any of this. I do like the idea of not buying merch and concessions. That way the players don't suffer. I'd rather take that approach than staying silent in the stands.
  8. Pls get three points pls. Kthxbai
  9. I don't like the precedent this sets, especially when the groups don't have control over tickets in their sections. We see it in 113- when the club is doing well there are more and more people there each week who we don't know. In this instance, the know exactly who did it. So punish them and not the group as a whole. As for joining them, I've never been much of a protest type, and would rather support the team, especially now, with playoffs and a potential Supporters Shield on the line. I don't like making the players on the pitch suffer because of what their front office does. It's not the players' fault. While I will admit inebriatti have been better this year at working with the rest of us, I still have my misgivings about them. They've crossed the line too many times before. I'd rather they fight their own fight in this particular instance.
  10. That's a good lookin' list.
  11. There are a lot of numbers and math in this thread... Also, I like the 9 month payment option. Not that my tickets are expensive, but it lessens the blow a bit when you're only making half your salary.
  12. I thought I was the only one...
  13. Ya Facebook kind of sucks that way... I usually keep the originals of all my photos on an external drive- I'll have a look through there and see if I have anything worth passing along. Definitely will have some from road trips and camping, etc, not sure about USIL itself, but I'll have a peek.
  14. I'll have a look at old facebook albums- I should be able to pull some stuff out of there for you.