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  1. The date for this game is May 26. Kickoff scheduled for 700p. Please correct your title ASAP! Corrected, thanks!
  2. Hey, you have the date wrong. NYCFC is Jul 30. Please correct your title. And, I notice you're new here. Please take a look at the rules for Ticket Exchange - update your post if/when you complete your transaction. Thanks for correction - kickoff is scheduled for 200p.
  3. I know Hernandez is yesterday's news, but it does belong here! Alseth Hernandez
  4. What will they be doing for food? Regular menu/kitchen? Or ... ?
  5. HT: FT: 1st TFC Scorer: 1st Opp Scorer: Time of 1st Goal: Bonus Question: Which goal will TFC defend at kick-off? North or south? 1 point for correct answer.
  6. Free admission to CNE! Kick-off currently scheduled for 800p.
  7. Trainspotting - excessive drug usage, I thought 2-3 times that I would turn it off and not finish. But finish I did. I found it a strange movie, but I probably didn't "get it".
  8. It was good to see Ricketts get the start ... and a satisfying win!
  9. HT: 1-1 FT: 1-2 1st TFC Scorer: Altidore 1st Opp Scorer: Laba Time of 1st Goal: 23'
  10. I had to pick mine up at the depot about 3 km away, as we were at work, when they tried to deliver (I'm sure many people did). But I got it Monday evening so I was very happy. From what I have heard, a very efficient delivery process for 2017. Anyone have a different, or bad experience?
  11. table

    Thanks lg. Are you going to join in the fun?
  12. Johan Brunell Nick Hagglund
  13. So what happened?
  14. It's intended to be an every day scarf, rather than a supporter's/football scarf. I'm ok with that!