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  1. Shirt Rudi - Medium Hoodie Mick - Large
  2. Both of these have skulls on the back. Hoodie $30, Shirt $20. The shirt is a soft tri-blend.
  3. You're good sir. The form and the forum are two different lists.
  4. Yup, you used the form.
  5. Home now on the computer. Yup, you are good sir.
  6. What do you mean confirm? Did you fill out the form or are posting here? I don't want to add it twice....
  7. You could go into any gate. You can walk into the 300s from the concourse behind the south end.
  8. Not true unless it has changed.
  9. Me with a table full of shirts I'll be somewhere visible.
  10. I'm not condoning it. I am so sickened by the whole fucking thing this could be my last game I am willing to pay for. Shit they even released tickets today to the fucking TTID people.... what the actual fuck. What I am saying is at this moment in time we can't change it and being able to snag a ticket to the final under 200CAD isn't the same as 500US. I can't fix this problem but being a ticket epicenter myself there is some vampire level dependency happening here built by others relying on people to get them tickets with zero planning for years on end. It should be abundantly clear people like myself do not have a secret cache of fucking tickets we are hoarding.
  11. I agree, but it's not 500US like we were rightfully balking at before. Under $200 CAD for the MLS final in Toronto should be a no brainer when the opportunity arises. There are a few too many people used to getting a $20 ticket or a free one twenty minutes before kick off for....years.
  12. Keep watching Shithub. Some tickets pop up for well under $200 CAD and go quickly. It still sucks donkey balls to buy stuff off of there, and the whole ticketing thing sucks, but I really think no one should be stuck when there are sub 200 Canadian tickets popping up. People here often have bar bills higher.
  13. Red/Grey - USector $30 Black - UvE or Usector - $25 You can post here, or fill out Liz's awesome form
  14. I thought I entered it, I'll check
  15. Sure Kids or youth though....