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  1. Wow. Edited to add: I fucking love Victor Vasquez.
  2. Blargh. Well I suppose we can count on a heck of game for the home leg?
  3. Thread necromancy!
  4. edit - found a good home
  5. 113 Single for sale, $15 EMT. Cheers
  6. Well played game. The whole match, I thought we'd get a draw out of it at worst. Strange feeling And I probably would have been howling if that penalty had been called against us, but I'll take it. We've been burned enough over the years. Man how great has Jozy been for this team?!
  7. Heh, I'm just a market disruptor like that. In all honest I'd give it away to see it not go to waste
  8. 113 Single, $10 EMT
  9. Well it was nice to see the ball in the back of the net.
  10. 113 row 2 single, $15 EMT. Cheers-Nathan
  11. 113 single, $10 EMT.
  12. Single in 113, $15
  13. Rogue One
  14. edit: somehow, some way, got sorted - hope everyone else has good luck.
  15. Well I done fucked up real proper. Got busy with work and family and not only did I miss the conference final, I missed the window to buy my own Cup Final ticket. Long shot I know, but if anyone can help me find a single in the south end (113) I will owe them a life debt and incalculable gratitude. edit: edit: somehow, some way, got sorted - hope everyone else has good luck.