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  1. 113 row 2 single, $15 EMT. Cheers-Nathan
  2. 113 single, $10 EMT.
  3. Single in 113, $15
  4. Rogue One
  5. edit: somehow, some way, got sorted - hope everyone else has good luck.
  6. Well I done fucked up real proper. Got busy with work and family and not only did I miss the conference final, I missed the window to buy my own Cup Final ticket. Long shot I know, but if anyone can help me find a single in the south end (113) I will owe them a life debt and incalculable gratitude. edit: edit: somehow, some way, got sorted - hope everyone else has good luck.
  7. edit: removed my ill-placed rant Back to the regularly scheduled ZOMG TFC CUP FINAL!!!
  8. Yet another epic TFC event that I was not present for. Beginning to feel I should intentionally skip the final to keep the good luck rolling. effing sweet game. I could only find a French RDS stream which made it even sweeter as I got some French practice at the same time was able to delight in the playful (read: homophobic, immature and offensive) witty banter in the comments, LOL
  9. Wow. Just .. wow.
  10. Not sure if I can handle an audio stream - somehow that seems even more tense!
  11. I gotta get a stream in the IT 'war room' where I'm stuck for the foreseeable future ...
  12. I'm going to be stuck in Detroit supporting a massive rollout today. Holler at me if you can put my 113 single to use. Gonzo - enjoy and be loud in my stead young lad
  13. Les Intouchables, heartwarming and funny though at times it glosses over some serious themes. very much enjoyed it. Omar Sy just exudes so much charisma.
  14. I have nothing relevant to add except that I facking LOVE seeing "CONFERENCE FINAL" in a thread here!!!!