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  1. ended up buying one of the general admission tickets so i'm good to get in
  2. Train booked – just need an extra ticket from someone.
  3. what's facebook
  4. ticket gone.
  5. neat. wonder if they will have a couple of double headers. march to Lamport for TFCII afternoon game, then march to BMO for TFC evening game...
  6. I have one extra 113 ticket coming to me since my sister will now be out of town. If you want it for $20 I can meet at Joe's before the game. Alternatively, I'll be staying in Liberty Village as of the night before (Friday) around 8:30pm. k
  7. bumpity bump - any further news or ideas on this?
  8. a wildly alternative idea is for the club to make their shirt as usual... but then pony up for some proper patches for each group using the original artworks. get your own or collect the whole set!
  9. with four groups and four logos, i feel like this would spur on a late-breaking fifth group as they'd be able to complain about being left off
  10. I'd invite some ideas for a graphic that covers all the supporters. Doesn't sound easy, given past history – an interesting exercise though. Brainstorm here folks, and give those with the skills some ideas to play with.
  11. the elbow https://twitter.com/OlderGoaler/status/891753724246466560/photo/1
  12. won't be coming up now. have fun folks, take it easy on them / us / you know / whatever.
  13. Well hello there. Hope to see some of you in Ottawa. I've opted out of stats duty and will be wandering the stands all game. Please speak up so I know who's coming! Alternatively, I could finally get a call up based on this... http://deadspin.com/goalie-loses-his-mind-concedes-very-dumb-goal-1795147254, but don't worry I'll still run over for high fives if I top this.
  14. Hoping to come up of course. Sent you a twitter DM Swiss.
  15. you have until saturday to join this, as MLS has delayed scoring for a week to try and get more entries.