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  1. Thanks everyone for the naming help! In online and offline tallies, the name Freebounder came out well ahead. Unfortunately that name is copyrighted in the US (we'll see down the road if the guy ends up using the name or not), so the name for the portable rebounder is the XBounder. Check out the dopeass product tag below. We're currently getting the final pre-production prototypes built and out the door to our testing and development partners (inlcuding LA Galaxy Academy San Diego! What!) so we can make any final tweaks before full-scale production. Inspired by the training sessions and seminars I attended at the NSCAA conference in LA, I added another size/configuration to the lineup and started work on a version with impact sensors. Getting after it. p.s. hit wolfsoccertech.com for preorders and info.
  2. If I ever see him in court, I will be sure to say that out loud at least once, so that it's part of official, permanent Canadian records.
  3. Latest update: Gaetano seems to be finished in Abbotsford. He stole from too many people for too long, and everyone got wise at once. The car he said was his, a dark navy 2011+ generation Volkswagen Jetta, Comfortline trim, license plate 004 MRV, was one he stole from one of his victims. If you see that car, call the police. There's a rumour that he stole a license plate sticker from another car to put on this one in order to be able to drive it without being pulled over. The fun never stops with this guy. As Fontaine Fitness said, Gaetano's dad, Leo, who he claimed had died (another one of his scams to get "money for a plane ticket"), is very much alive and well and hasn't spoken to Gae in 16 years. Gaetano appears to be on the run again. To where, who knows? He likely won't come back to Ontario, as there are multiple charges against him here. If you're in BC and you come into contact with him, don't even hesitate. Call the local police and demand they come and arrest him. He'll spin a sob story to try and squirm out of it. He's lying. International Women's Day bonus: it appears that most of his victims are women. He ingratiates himself with one or more women at once, creates a story that gets money coming from them to him, and when his lies start to come apart, he moves on to his next victim, leaving another fabrication behind. If you are a woman and you believe that you are dating him, get tested. There's a chance you're not the only one. Then get the police to arrest him. You'll be doing the world a favour.
  4. Thanks for the rundown!
  5. Hey all. Looking for help naming my portable rebounder. More info here: wolfsoccertech.com It's fully portable, you can train full power shots, passing and trapping, throw-ins, etc. Originally designed so that single players could get extra training time in on their own, but I want it to be used by coaches/teams as part of their sessions as well. Feel free to post additional ideas. Thanks!
  6. For those keeping score at home, assuming the late penalty would have gone in, that's 8 points taken from this team due to blown calls this season. Good enough for first in the league, all other things being equal. Video replay can't come soon enough. To clarify, it real time like Jozy kicked his opponent's leg in the scramble. But it was Jozy who got kicked in the back of the leg. Penalty. maybe Elfath didn't want to award another penalty this season. Or maybe he just cocked up a difficult call. Or maybe he just doesn't like us. Hard to say.
  7. Sorté.
  8. Looking for a sit-down pair (bringing a tiny guest) No I don't have a kid. It's Krista, ya knobs. EDIT: sorted.
  9. Can anyone tell me what face value is for a ticket in 113 for the May 7 game? Thanks.
  10. Sorted.
  11. Building our main formation around Giovinco is definitely the right call, but we have to be putting players in formations and positions that will work when Seba isn't available. It's a new luxury for us having a DP that isn't on the bench for half the season, but that luck can't last, and we're going to lose him to international play this summer regardless. The 4-4-2 that TFC played in New England may not have had a ton of offensive bite, but it is a formation that you could potentially move players (including Giovinco) in and out of with minimal disruption.
  12. Ugh. That was a bad defensive switch between Beitashour and Perquis. You could see Beitashour pointing at Rowe and the switch just didn't happen. Rowe had enough space to build himself a shed. TBH I was wondering when this new defensive line would have one of those "still getting to know each other" moments. This was it. As an aside: god I hate homer TV announcers. They ruin the game for fans that know the game and they confuse fans that are new to the game. These jackasses just spent 3 minutes talking about how Bradley's contact on Bunbury should have been called back, then called back for a yellow. Then when the replay happens... oh, okay I guess Bradley got the ball and tried to pull out of the followup contact... so no foul I suppose...
  13. Exactly. And I think we need to keep coming back to the rugby example in making these arguments. Watching the Rugby World Cup last year was a pleasure, and a fine example of how video replay can be implemented unobtrusively. Nigel Owens is pretty arguably the best rugby ref in the game (or was), and he's able to take a few moments to speak into his headset, get a judgement from a better angle from his video official, and make the official call without ever relinquishing the sense that he's 100% in control of the game (for anyone who's never watched the man work, do yourself a favour and watch some of his highlights on YouTube. He's a legend.) I think the issue doesn't come down to a question of interpretation or judgement in a lot of cases, but a question of literal perspective. The David Villa "arm of god" goal the other week is a good example. There were a half dozen players with a better view of what happened, all of whom saw the handball, and told the ref about it. But because his viewing angle is the "official" angle (and the linesman was apparently either obstructed or ordering a hotdog), it's given a level of authority that everyone is supposed to respect but no one does. Crowding around and complaining to the ref isn't always just about gamesmanship (though it is that as well, a lot of the time). It's also about trying to get a fair assessment out of a man with limited resources. I think video replay would help with both these issues — the limited perspective and the sense of authority maintained by the ref.
  14. As a resident of Hamilton... you know nothing of Mordor...