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  1. Looking for 5 but will take anything edit: got them thanks
  2. Try to crowdsurf during My Name is was fucking epic on Sunday
  3. me +1 not sure how im getting there yet tho
  4. me + 7 all in 113
  5. yee so excited for this shit
  6. i think toni is sexier
  7. this game is fuckin amaziiiiiiing when ur stoned!!
  8. is moma lynx still rockin it these days?
  9. id be in for 2 maybe even 4
  10. aw thats sweet
  11. Cunningham sooo lazy
  12. I could have sworn me and my buds saw Thierry Henry driving with his mom in the car on last thursday on Dundas. Must have been his twin brother or something
  13. Well, you guys do have a decent train station.
  14. Fuck this shit... Footie fans will never let it happen
  15. Raymond Cho!!! That guy made some wicked speech about the World Cup in Asia in broken english. Asian footie fans are my absolute favourite... Giant banner for Raymond Cho yeeyee!