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  1. Your post - and reference to personal life - just made me realise many of the people I have come to know over the last 10+ years are now raising a second generation of TFC supporters ... thats kind of crazy when you think about it (in a good way).
  2. I like the idea of having the south end supporters logos incorporated somewhere on the back of the neck in the same way as MLSE themselves do it for their teams. Replace those 4 logos with supporters groups logos ..... I have a feeling they might screw this up in the same way as they (whether it was TSN or TFC I dont know) did when they featured "long-time" supporters who had held seasons for one or two years in the PR buildup before the playoffs and final last year. IF they are going to do in depth items then maybe they could focus on the diversity of the TFC support thats been there since day one (or at least a few years!) ... where else other than Toronto would you find such a ragtag bunch of folk from so many different countries, cultures and walks of life than BMO on game day .. a support that has been galvanised through years of utter shi* and is now (hopefully) ready to celebrate some extended good times ! Or perhaps there could be some features of dedicated individuals who go to great lengths to follow TFC and perhaps travel from far and wide ... or who road trip to places others wouldnt dream of. If we do go for a long run in the playoffs then there might well be an opportunity to see the SGs working together on TIFOs or marches etc and show that while we all have our own identities we can pull together and live up to that TFC tagline of 'All for One' .
  3. Gallery now up on the site, 108 pics this week including all 4 goals
  4. Looking for 3 tickets for some friends visiting from Scotland. preferably in 113 or close by. Would be willing to consider two pairs if thats what was available as I do have another person who would come along too. Sorted
  5. Photos now up on site :
  6. Album now up on the site
  7. ok. have read some posts on facebook and now have a better understanding ....
  8. for the uninitiated / uninformed ... what is the issue with the Joker ? I know it changed name and hands (or ownership % values) at the end of last season during the playoffs and service was pretty bad on some game nights but is there a reason for the move to the Rhino? It was great on MLS Cup Final day but its a bit of a trek when you are driving and parking in the vicinity of the stadium .....
  9. Yup. looked pretty decent in his 30 minute cameo. pinged a few balls with great accuracy and looks like an intelligent player.
  10. Too many weeknight/Friday evening games. 8 of 17 league games plus at least one game in Voyageurs - possibly 2 assuming we advance to the final - will be on a weeknight so 9 of 18 games not on a weekend. This may be great for those who work or live in the downtown area or who are going out on the lash after a game ... but not so much for those of us who live or work outside of the downtown core. I have no problem with varying the days and times within reason, and a handful of weeknight games over a season can be fun ... but this is just taking the piss ! I know they will never please everyone but - TSN schedule or not - what fucking idiot agreed to half the season not being on a weekend? On the plus side I will get many of my weekends back which will please the Mrs, and I will also save a ton of cash by having to drive to/from the games and therefore not drink at Joker or the stadium ... but this schedule really sucks !
  11. anyone else got a link. didnt get a chance to see it either.
  12. Ashtone Morgan re-signed with the club :
  13. nice !!! Mine are posted on the gallery here :
  14. took a few days but gallery now up on site ... including this heartbreaker
  15. yeah, my comment was based on sentiment too rather than any deep knowledge of his current form or ability ... the rest on the list, nahh, I'll pass !