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  1. in...and Liane and the kids, too. man, how many last-day-of-the-season ones of these did we have when the team was so far gone/so many months out of contention, and all we had was each other, really?! wow. and now here we are. can't think of a better way to start a day that we're never going to forget than brunching with you beauties!!!!!!
  2. "yeah, i already told you once....keep the change" awesome
  3. fwiw, he was on 590 Monday night and made mention that this was special to him...thanks everyone!
  4. man, after we played these guys at BMO last year, it was about as mad as i had ever been after a game. it was mostly at Villa - he was the worst kind of d'bag all night, and they fouled Giovinco all over the yard. really feel like we owe them one - !!
  5. Raheem Edwards to make the move up from TFCII?!
  6. 1-0 3-1 Giovinco Meram Goal: 20' Card: 45'
  7. 0-0 1-0 W.Johnson (McNamara) goal: 64' card: 33'
  8. attaboy! (you and him, for that matter)
  9. the start of three-home-games-in-a-week!! love the Saturday-Wednesday-Saturday, espec'ly after having had to wait so long - it's like crawling across a desert and finding a fountain. also, in the immortal words of Dan Gargan: "...
  10. doesn't it, tho?! that was super-surprising. the whole thing looks beauty, and kind of larger-than-life. oh, and, nice li'l win, eh?! glad to see Endoh get a goal (and a cuddle from the other nine outfield players - they seem to really care about the guy)...felt like Jozy was everywhere and putting lovely passes in perfect places (would've loved to see him get rewarded with a goal but whadayagonnado)...and is it just me or is Clint Irwin omniscient?! wowww. good deal - thanks Tim Howard (now I don't even need to sneak on the pitch and punch you in your ugly mug!). now let's kill Vancouver.
  11. looked and sounded super-cool to have the building, and ESPEC'LY south end, full in time for the walkouts/anthems. the players agree, fwiw. the whole night was enjoyable - hopefully this is the (re)new(ed) normal...
  12. 2-0 3-0 Giovinco (P.Morales) 21' 30025
  13. that reminds me of the early Benigni film Johnny Stecchino (aka Johnny Toothpick)...there was a subtitled release, so maybe it shouldn't have reminded me of it - but I haven't hardly laughed that hard before or since...used to get the vhs copy from my local jumbo video back in the early-90s; not sure if it's around now, would love to see if it's held up in my mind!
  14. I've been fearing the fact that the reward for surviving the road trip was a visit from Dallas. but they've been so bad the last two weeks that everyone has talked me out of that fear... I didn't make a road trip this year, so it's going to be soooooo sweet to see some live 'ball!!! got a message from J0N@N about how long a week it is going to be because my mind is already at the stadium - and I agree wholeheartedly!!! haha
  15. it makes sense, right? this league isn't getting any slower (and is pacy by any standard), but himself sure is - he's older than me, not in primo shape...add that to the bafflement happening between his ears sometimes, and you have a recipe for strangeness. add to that the fact, as hertha says, he's already got a bad rep, so any questionable call automatically is assumed to be "Toledo'ed"...