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  1. Single available in section 113 -$15 - emt only Update: ticket has been sold
  2. I have gotten my one ticket for this game. It should be noted I delayed my trip to the other side of the world by a couple of days in case of the possibility of the MLS Cup been held @ BMO Field! Somehow, this is ended up happening.
  3. I am also adding myself to the bus list. Alternatively, if we don't get a bus setup, would anyone be interested in arranging for a carpool? My preference would be to be in New York by Saturday afternoon, as there is so much to do and see there, other then just the game itself
  4. It's the higher seed that hosts the return leg. So if Toronto FC were to advance tomorrow, then the first leg will be this Sunday @ BMO Field. The return leg will then be Nov 6 @ Yankee Stadium - this is the only possibility now. We cannot play New York Red Bulls in the semi-finals.
  5. I'm guessing people have seen the referee assignment for this game?? Uhhhh..........yaaaaaa http://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2016/10/24/pro-announces-knockout-round-referee-assignments-mls-cup-playoffs
  6. This link doesn't seem to work for me - says page not found.
  7. Alright, I am going to step aside from organizing this trip for now.
  8. Since there's a good chance that Toronto FC's road to the cup will have to go through a New York team, I thought now will be a good time to gauge some interest on a possible weekend trip there. If the two New York teams finish 1-2, and we finish third and win the knockout game (which we will), then Toronto FC will play in New York on Nov. 6 for the return leg of the semi-finals @ either Yankee Stadium or Red Bull Arena. So I'm thinking I can look into a bus leaving at 10:00 am on Nov. 5, and then leaving New York on Nov. 7 (a Monday) at 10:00 am. I have gotten a quote back - with 40 people going, we're looking at $125 per person for the bus. If I were to make hotel arrangements (a group booking of some sort), it can be about $90-180 for two nights per person, depending on location. I have also let the bus company know it won't be until October 28 (after potential knockout game) if we know this trip will go ahead. We would have to move very quickly if they do advance and people are interested in this trip. Please post your interest for this trip. Also, if anyone else is interested in organizing this instead (or if something was already planned), then please let me know too.
  9. I have yet to receive a payment with a month to go before this scheduled trip. I have decided that I will no longer continue organizing this trip, that is UNLESS I receive payments from at least 40 people by August 24. If I do, I will then contact the bus company and hotel again to see if they still have availability. Of course, if not, then you will get a refund. Swiss & Free Kick - thanks for updating your availabilties. As this trip is essentially dead in the water, I'm not even going to bother updating this list at this time. Unless I actually get some payments, I don't anticipate posting in this thread again.
  10. Further, the tentative itinerary (what I had mentioned to the bus companies when requesting the quotes) is leave Toronto on September 9 at about 10:00 am and leave Chicago on September 11 at 11:00 am. I know that some of you also requested a pickup/drop off in the Kitchener Waterloo region, and that was mentioned to the bus companies as well. It is also anticipated that included is transportation to and from the game. Regarding game tickets, it is likely that everyone will be purchasing their own - through the Chicago Fire website using a special code for the visiting supporters section @ Toyota Park!
  11. Ok, thanks for the update, and the thoughts :). Hope to see you around this weekend Brucey! I have updated the list. As a note, I have not yet actually received a payment from anyone yet. I don`t have anything booked at the moment, though ideally, I`d like to at least put a deposit on the bus. But I can`t do so until I start getting some payments. What I can do is ask people to pay a deposit of $20 for the bus first, then have the balance paid by a certain date. The general cancellation rule with one of the bus companies is a full refund if cancelled at least 28 days prior to departure, otherwise the deposit is lost. I would need to get about $500 in deposits before booking the bus. Also, the longer we wait, the likely hood the price goes up or is not available anymore. People will also have to understand that if the trip doesn`t go ahead, their deposit may be lost. As a reminder, you can send payment to me by EMT/PayPal to the e-mail address of spe18@yahoo.ca. When sending payment, please also include your full name and your board name. It's looking like that only the 2 night option will be offered. Oh..........for those of you that don't know who I am, I'm Selwyn
  12. Also, if we manage to fill a bus (about 50 people), then the price for transportation goes down to $95 per person
  13. So I've gotten what I feel is a really great group rate (10 rooms minimum) for a hotel in Chicago. It's right in downtown Chicago - a few blocks from the Willis (formerly Sears) Tower, and has all the typical amenities you'd expect in a 3 star hotel including breakfast :). The rate, after taxes and currency conversion (darn low Canadian dollar :() is $253/night for 4 people. This means $64 per person per night, so 2 nights is $128 per person. The hotel has indicated they can hold these rates for a week, then the price may go up. Also, bus at this time is $115 per person - it turns out there is no HST charged when you go to the US for more than 48 hours. So I will now accept payments for $243 for transportation and accommodations. Game tickets are to be determined later on. Payment can be made by EMT or Paypal - the e-mail address to use is spe18@yahoo.ca I anticipate we will need at least 40 people to sign up for this trip to go ahead. The price of $243 is subject to change (mainly depending on driver's accommodations).
  14. I've copied the list Shaun had originally posted in his first post, so please update if your plans have changed, or if you didn't mention previously, but now want to go, or if you would like to bring additional guests with you. Shaun (2 nights) Shaun (2 nights) brilliantknitwit (2 nights) Emigre (2 nights) heather (2 nights) Scotttay (2 nights) xtinab (2 nights) busanbhoy (2 nights) Swiss (2 nights) AndreiC53 AndreiC53 Nicky (2 nights) Erinsaga (2 nights) Erinsaga (2 nights) Free Kick (2 nights) Luke
  15. Ok, I think I've gotten enough quotes for the bus that we can start to move forward again. There seems to be some confusion though, as some have said HST is extra. So let's say $130/person for the bus to be on the safe side (with 40 people going), and if it's actually, less, then we'll apply it to accommodations (if we do a group booking.......I'm still looking into this). It is anticipated I will need to make a final booking by August 22 (and a deposit before then) for this trip to go ahead (the sooner the better otherwise prices may go up).