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  1. Have to admit that the lack of responses within Usector thus far for this event is disconcerting. It's beer breh!
  2. Want a ticket to the SUNDAY session at the Festival of Beer? Post here. Limited amount. $35 value!
  3. Single in 113 available for $15. EMT.
  4. From the Brutopia operator: Hey Shaun manager reminded me we had a 'round' of 'anti-Montreal ' graffiti in washrooms after our/your last event. Can you help us avoid this please , if you can? Thanks REMINDER: Don't be a fucking idiot and write on the walls like children when our name are on the reservation. In fact, why not just not write on walls as a general rule.
  5. Please note that the kitchen at Brutopia will be CLOSED when we arrive after the match so make arrangements before showing up.
  6. Have you not been here before? We usually have the run of the entire basement which has 3-4 TV's if I recall.
  7. The usual email has been sent requesting the usual spot for the usual degenerates. Post up if you'll be joining so I can give them an idea about numbers.
  8. I think Cooper has been outstanding and his perceived lack of touches/contributions in midfield aren't a result of his skill level but rather that Michael Bradley is currently playing the best football he's ever played in red and MB is everywhere. Cooper's hold up play and tackling are especially noteworthy. If it ain't broke...