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  1. I'm heading down
  2. I would assume regular menu.
  3. + Retz, Pat & Eric
  4. There is a bus from the big O back to the downtown area post-game, if you want in on it please send me your first and last name and I will confirm if you are on our bus or not.
  5. I request a trade.
  6. If anyone wants to DM me their e-mail addresses now I will add you to the list to make sure you get the link as soon as I have it. If not, you will have to go through the regular Gary Jambo channels once the link is released.
  7. Sure, make sure to get an attitude going when I don't send it the first time as well. It helps
  8. They just added a second section for supporters
  9. I am waiting for the new link. The away end that our link had access to is sold out.
  10. I will post the link publicly here once it goes public.
  11. Please send me a PM if you want the ticket info. Same deal as usual, if I don't know you or you don't have someone to vouch I am not sending the info. I don't care if you're "year one in 113 playing for the team on my off days basically running usector even though nobody has ever seen me before and I just started a forum account 16 minutes ago" PM and if I don't send you the link, they will go public after supporter groups get a crack at them. Cheers
  12. U-Sector is not going to have a bus for this trip unfortunately. The short planning time and late kick off were the two factors that made this difficult.