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  1. I have 2 available in 210, I'll let them go for face value. I think they were like $88 each.
  2. Looking for one (or two) for this game. Let me know if you have anything. Thanks!!
  3. looking for one seat in the south end for tonight, let me know what you have available and I'll send the EMT right away. Thanks!!
  4. looking for one seat in the south. Willing to pay face value. I've sent some PMs but no replies yet.
  5. I have one available in 113, I'll take $50 for it. Face is $70. PM me
  6. I know of 6 people travelling for this game. By the looks of it, that's all of us.
  7. Thank you, I was able to get in contact with Jeremie and he sent me some information. Basically you have to email him at He'll send you a form where you need to provide the names of all the people who will entering the stadium.
  8. Hey guys, Does anyone know how to purchase away support tickets to this game? I used to purchase them from a fellow named Jeremie but I've lost his contact information. If any of you have his contact information can you please share it? Also, is anyone else going? Thanks!
  9. hi shantzez  is the ticket still available for tomorrow's game in 113? if so i'd take it. cheers, marco

  10. Loved how they played last night. I think not having any of the regulars in the line up might have helped a lot. The movement of the ball from defenders to attack came from everywhere. It wasn't the predictable Bradley picking up the ball from the defenders and trying to move it forward to Seba. It was a nice display by the team.
  11. Having met other players of his calibre and beyond. I can safely say that these guys only get to this level because all they want to do is be the most fierce competitor they can be. Everything they do in their lives revolves around soccer for the most part. Money is nice, but it's not usually enough to keep players like Giovinco somewhere where he wont be able to compete. It might not be just the International snub, but if TFC doesn't compete for a MLS Cup soon he might say "the hell with this" and book it out of here too.
  12. Great news for TFC for now. But you have to figure that he eventually may get fed up of being left out of the squad and may end up leaving if he thinks TFC and MLS is holding back his International career.
  13. "Selling him" Who would pay for an injury prone, out of form striker? Selling him would be like burning money. If MLSE doesn't care about money than I say sell him and bring in a striker and a attacking MF.