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  1. Need a single, feel free to holler, can reply and EMT quick and all that
  2. Hey USec/fellow USOL, I haven't been able to make it down very much to BMO this year cuz of family and everything, but I circled the TFC II game this Saturday a long time ago as a game to take the little one to, it being a derby and Ottawa and all. If you plan to check out the game, please let me know or come look for me in the bleachers, cheers! Sat at 7:30, OSC.
  3. Single in 113, face $25, selling $20, PM me, cheers SOLD
  4. Single in 113, selling for $18 by EMT, cheers
  5. Demps do you have a list of those who've paid already and stuff? Thanks man
  6. I can't wait to get my "assigned seating" at the Big O
  7. I'll send a Fb msg to USIL on Monday but, can one of you guys pop in the info that I'm aiming for a January recovery but maybe got a 25% chance I won't play all season? Thanks lol, Namu
  8. This is good stuff, I'm just gonna confirm my transportation options for the trip and get back to you before Tuesday, thanks man. Namu
  9. My only one thing is, USIL draft night is Nov 5, so I'm wondering what is the possibility of a bus chartered for like 2am or 5am for Nov 6 or something like that. I know our home fixture for the 1st leg is 7pm this Sunday, but we don't know what time the 2nd leg in NYC is next Sunday atm, right? Hoping it's as late as possible cuz of USIL.
  10. Thanks for posting, and I'm happy to wait to see how it's done officially or unofficially by the club or by USec, as said upthread, but I'm definitely interested in a bus to NYC, cheers guys, Namu
  11. I am interested in you single in 113 for Philadelphia Union match Sat. Some reason it won't let me PM you.  If still available.

    1. ironcub14


      hey sorry man, I've already sold it, my bad, I'll edit my post