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  1. Looking for 5- will take separated tickets anywhere in the ground, but of course anything in the south end would be grand. Please PM me if you can help me out.
  2. Hey guys, I know it's incredibly early to be posting for this game, but I'd like to leave plenty of time to ensure that this gets sorted. My uncle and his two sons are coming over from Ireland and will be in town for both of these home games. I'd love to be able to bring them into the supporters section and show them what's up across the pond. Looking for 5 tickets (they don't need to be all next to each other, as I presume we'll just all stand next to each other anyway) for either of the games. They're for my father and I+ our Irish visitors. If anyone could hook me up, I'd be super appreciative.
  3. Fitting for us right now I think...
  4. Looks like it's going to be -10 tomorrow night. If you don't have tickets, HOLD OUT. These prices will continue to fall!
  5. Agreed. It warms my heart to see that there are people out there that are willing to forgo potential profit for the sake of letting another true fan watch the match. Checking Ticketmaster consistently is definitely the best call, and tickets are still probably going to fall a bit leading up to Saturday. It will suck to pay more but I'd rather pay 150 CAD per ticket than the 700+ that was being seen everywhere a few days ago. Here's hoping all the true supporters can find a ticket. Good luck brothers!
  6. Football is supposed to be all about the fans, but whenever it comes time for the fans to get their day in the sun they always end up on the outside looking in. It's really fucking sad.
  7. What really pisses me off is hearing all these corporate fucks who actually don't give a shit who won't even go to the game. I know people that run MLSE events, and they've told me that there will most definitely be empty seats because of all the corporate no shows. Makes my fucking blood boil. I was in the pre-sale right away and I couldn't get jack shit. Lots of good fans got fucked over and of course its the suits and ties that don't give a fuck, the tickets came free to them anyway.
  8. That's what I've been doing. Even on Ticketsnow (ugh) you can get tickets in the temporary stand for $173 each, which is seeming more and more doable as the game draws nearer. No matter where I get tickets I am going to squeeze into 113.
  9. Cheers. Thanks for supporting the cause. I'm still searching. I'll be there no matter what- Ill buy on game day if I have to.
  10. PM'd you.
  11. Looking for a pair anywhere in the ground. Pre-Sale today was indeed a shambles.
  12. Same here. Instantly licked.
  13. messaged
  14. Looking for 2 anywhere, preferably in 113 because that's where I'll end up anyway.