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  1. need a pair to this game - south end preferred - Let me know
  2. My thoughts on Frei, karma and how TFC has FINALLY emerged from the weight of its past.
  3. Thanks Gary. Always a pleasure to see and hear from you
  4. Ten Long Years It's been a while since I did one of these. Video thoughts on the Conference Finals, the MLS Cup and the ten year journey we have all been on together
  5. Tim's Annual Retro Video Halloween Birthday Party (...say that 5 times fast). There will be a prize for best costume. Main floor is the Retro Roadshow, with 70s, 80s, and 90s videos and the second floor is Popstars & Icons, with 90s to 2000s throwbacks. Pictobox photo booth. $15 in advance or $20 at the door. Advance tickets can be purchased at
  6. Come One Come All
  7. Absolutely agree 100% with this Gary. The legalese they are pushing (or will push) on us going forward is vague enough that there is so much room for interpretation of what constitutes a violation of the 'rules' to essentially mean tha the club is given a carte blanche not just to enforce whatever behaviour that they wish to but that they can mandate CULTURE. Rollins did an excellent take on this on his podcast today ( where he stated that he feels that this is a wedge that will start to see things like mandatory supporters group registrations and having those lists given to the club... stuff like that start to take place. Jambo has it right on the nose here. the two stick is a fucking red herring at this point, its about the collective responsibility they are shoving down our gizzards here that has to be stopped.
  8. agree with you and with them 100%. Time for a sit down with the club, and if not the club, the media, to let them know this is fucking wrong
  9. need a south end singleton for Sunday vs the Energy Drinks... Let me know.
  10. Gotta agree with Duane on this one... Any scenario other than the kid picking up a knock between now and then that sees Q not starting as keeper on Saturday over Bono would be absokutely nuts. Roberts HAS to start
  11. Do you still need a pair for July 23rd? Mine are available - I'm off on vacation.

    113 Row 8 in the middle.  $30 for the pair.

  12. Edit: Sorted! Thanks DMan81 and NFitz
  13. have a singleton in Section 113. Can bring it to Joker pre game. Holla at your boy
  14. If you are going to have an injury crisis this is about the best time to have one with this dumpster fire coming to town. They have earned two of a possible 21 road points so fat this season.
  15. I have four.. count em FOUR... tickets for this match. Can't make this game as I'm going to a wedding this weekend. Want to try and get rid of all four of them together as I can't be bothered to piece 'em out. Three are in 113 and one of them is in section 211 row 27. The 113's are $10 apiece and the 211 is $30 face. Want $60 for all four. Can do EMT and can email them to ya. Holla at your boy. And if you buy these you have to call Ashley Cole a cunt on my behalf. Edit: 11:52 PM - June 13 - SOLD