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  1. was happy to help you out
  2. I am dropping my prices, was $45, going down to $30 for a ticket, etransfer me the money, I will get you your tickets through the account manager on TFC. I have about 80 left and need to unload them. Sections 210 and 208 left, but wouldnt be the first time someone sat somewhere other than their seats, you cant beat this deal! Email me at m-beswick@bell.net.
  3. I have about 120 tickets to sell, face value. My soccer club, St. Catharines Club Roma Soccer is selling them. $45 each, in sections 208, 209, 210 (but wouldnt be the first time someone sat in a different area of the stadium). I can etransfer them to you through my TFC account manager once you etransfer me the $$. I can get you probably as many tickets as you like, may be willing to do minor discounts for multiple tickets, please contact me through here, would hate to see my club lose money on this.
  4. I have 2 in 124, row 15, seats 1 and 2 Would like to trade for three tickets together, my daughter is now too old to sit in my lap for a game.
  5. has anyone got their renewal stuff, last years renewal came out at the end of august, i know we just passed that date, but any idea when they are coming out?
  6. 2 in 113, row 3, $40 for the pair
  7. 2 in 113 row 3, $40 for the pair
  8. signs loan deal from villareal with swansea...... http://www.swanseacity.net/page/Latest/0,,...2837677,00.html does it look like he will ever play for holland? wtf would they want someone playing for swansea?
  9. 2 in 113, row 3, can meet you at the stadium, or emt, whatever you want face value
  10. two tickets in 113 available, row 3 $40 for the pair msg me if interested
  11. probably trying to find ways to stay off the field at this point with the way this season is going
  12. I hope Villareal doesn't sell him, and then makes him rot on the bench in the Spanish 2nd Division
  13. 2 in row 3 available (113 of course) pm me if interested
  14. is it me, or is it next to empty in the stadium???? maybe 4,000?