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  1. Last call for this.
  2. Original 109 is an active and vibrant group. They are currently in 116 with Kings. TRN are TRN.
  3. Try this instead, Kip:
  4. There are 6 recognized groups. RPB, Us, Inebriatti, Kings, Original 109, TRN. Anyone else is late to the party, (or a complete social media construct) for these purposes.
  5. Thanks, Mel. The first reaction was a collage of an element of all the groups' logos, and something like that might work (for those that want to participate). I think it would be cool to have the skull on the club's jersey (as part of a grouping), but there are issues attached. And I'd really like someone who knows the first thing about graphics (ie. not me) to chime in too. (Yes, we are reaching out, but happy to have more feedback.) I think a number of the groups will be interested in the TSN thing. I don't know what shape or form it would take and who from our group would want (and would we as a group want) to talk to them. Interested in what folks think. Also open to chatting about this on Saturday. Fortunately, we have a gameday, so this doesn't all have to be electrons.
  6. I'll point to this post on social media, I'd be grateful if people would share and retweet those posts with the link that points here. Message from the club to Supporters' Groups: Adidas & Supporters Group Collaboration We are working in conjunction with Adidas to develop our 2019 TFC kit (Red Jersey). As part of this process we are considering having a supporters designed input into one of our designated areas that we can add a unique element to (Back of neck, or jock tag). With this said, our idea is to collaborate with each of our supporters groups in a session with the Adidas designer, in order to come up with some form of design that would represent our supporters, or our fans. This could take a number of forms, potentially logo inclusion or an entirely new design. That is all to come about as part of the collaboration. If interested in this opportunity, we have asked that each supporters group be represented by one person, in a session that would be held up at the Adidas studio in Vaughan. Please confirm if your group would be interested in working on this project. TSN + Supporters Feature Collaboration We have been approached by TSN on a project where they would like to create a number of features on our fans, specifically our supporters and telling that story across their digital channels. We are not sure the exact format / output this would take, however we are getting the ball rolling. This would be a series of pieces that will bring to life the uniqueness of supporters culture and how our fans celebrate our team/soccer. While I don’t know the entire storyline, it could be a “day in the life of” on a game day, or it could be TSN following along for a banner painting session, and sit down with a number of key supporters to tell the story. It was discussed last night that some may have a preference for someone like Clay to produce it. If so, just include that in your comments back to me. We have asked each supporters group be represented and to identify if there is an interest to participate. As we think longer term about recruitment, I think that this could be another avenue to grow the interest in supporters culture and involvement. __________________ Please respond in the thread with your feedback or desire to be involved (if any). Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns. The club is looking for a response by next Friday, August 17th. -- Jambo.
  7. There's nothing wrong with $20 football. That's what it should cost. It isn't fairness to expect to gouge the fuck out of working people to stand in the cold for two hours and watch 18 bums and 4 expensive/competent guys batter a ball around.
  8. Fuck, man. 173 bones for that rickety hypothermia-fest. Bastards. What a shitshow, MLS.
  9. He's always done that. In the old days, before the syphilis got to his brain, it used to be names like Frank N. Stein, etc. (was an Elton fan in the 70s)
  10. It's under my name.
  11. Updated -- this is happening (also, SPARTA!)
  12. 2XL of the Cup shirt, if you please.
  13. Interim update in first post.
  14. Sorry for your troubles, Tim. It's good to have you back and I'm glad to know you through our special friend, Maurice Johnston.
  15. Update: Breakfast is GO! Fran's on College, west of Yonge at 10:30am. We have about 20 people interested, so jump on this asap. If you (and any companions) would attend, speak up in the thread if you haven't already, so I can get a sense of numbers. Jambo HeavyD Brucey Mel/Rudi/Zster AJ/Pat/Eric Jack's Dad (+1?) Scotttay Hertha (+1?) Soldeed ShaunSolo +1 Enterprise Cap'n Heather KenFromUSector (+Liane +usecnextgens) Dani, Shan, Dekker (?) Jamie - if I am not making a bazillion shirts Luke +1