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  1. On the off chance anyone has a pair, I'll promise to have no voice by the end of the game HMU on here or call/text me at 2893802881 COYR
  2. Looking for two or three! Text or DM! 289-380-2881
  3. Looking for 2 or 3! Text me at (289) 380-2881 or DM me. Cheers
  4. Looking for two anywhere in the stadium. DM or text me (2893802881) if you're selling. Cheers!
  5. I've never bothered to get to a game more than an hour early, but today I'd like to see schweinsteiger and maybe get a thing or two signed today. Anyone have any idea I have to be to see the players off the busses? Thanks!
  6. Looking for 1 or 2 for this one. Thanks!
  7. Looking for 2, DM me or text me at . Come on you reds!
  8. Looking for two anywhere in the stadium. COME ON YOU REDS!!! Text me at1 or DM me if you are willing to part ways.
  9. Looking to buy 2 for this one, DM me if you're willing to part with your tickets. Cheers!
  10. Whoops, cheers.
  11. Second leg VS. Montreal on the 30th. On the off-chance anyone's got two for this one, shoot me a DM. Cheers!
  12. Sold
  13. I need one more ticket to the game if anyone's got one DM me please!