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  1. game day! come boys, take out the new jersey pink drinks.
  2. that was an interesting game. very little attacking potential until the late changes which is odd when Ben Spencer is on there. I realize he was coming back from injury but he has a first team contract and looked like we could loan him down to TFCiii. maybe he "needs service" or I don't know what I'm talking about. Best surprise was the play of Oyvind Alseth. We don't need to go out and sign right back depth. we have it. he destroyed so many plays down that wing and got the transition into attack going. Not sure if he would be effective as a winger in a back 5ish as I didn't see him get forward too much. Tsubasa looks like he was running through quicksand and I'm not sure with the first team depth as it is that he gets back in. but again just my uninformed opinion. thanks for the great summary Robin.
  3. grazie Robin
  4. yeah man, the wind at Downsview is nuts. The hangar is huge and provides a wind break that is lost over where the pitches are. The baby reds are really lighting up the league. Funny part is the better they do the faster they will be promoted through and the worse this team will do unless it has a feed as constant as the outflow.
  5. Game Day! Come On You REDS!
  6. I saw it once but I can't remember how long before the game I was there. I'd say 2 hours if I had to guess because they need to settle into the space before going out for warmups but really the support staff will have it all set up so maybe an hour and a half prior. good luck. it's a great way to see them with that fence line they have to walk through.
  7. after last year I can't believe we (maybe just I) are scared of the fire at home. what a heckin switch in fortunes that is. Hopefully our offence brings the firehoses and fills the net.
  8. <Clapping emoticon that we don't have> good times. well done.
  9. Agreed. Was just talking about Chris Mannella in that vein. He is a great leader and is so strong tactically and we released him after 2 years with TFC2. I can't believe we didn't give him a bit more time......he was the Academy and then TFC2 captain FFS. Hope he lands somewhere that will let him grow
  10. the breakdown at the bottom is very helpful. So when we go over 4 supplemental do they then go "senior" and count to the cap? Makes the homegrown advantage capped in a way. if you have a great academy that gets a spectacular class of players you can't really keep them all off the cap. makes sense i guess in our Parity-but-for-LA league.
  11. That was a good-ish game. Looked very bright for the most part in the first half, absorbed VAN pressure at the start of the second and then took over but for a couple of dangerous runs after Brek sheamed himself (I'm so sorry but I had to use it...) F*(#ing loved the play from Edwards when he came on. no fear and great awareness of his passing options. Vazquez ....when fit he will be phenomenal. Cooper needs to stop flopping so easily. Stand up a bit and not earn the reputation as a diver as when he is then actually fouled it isn't called. OSO was on it and I was really hoping for a bootless goal. That would have been epic. 5/9 points on the road to start the season isn't bad but I still can't help but feel we left 4 points behind. great feeling rather than knowing we were destroyed and had no chance of road points.
  12. Wonder if Ricketts will get the start of if Vanney will bring up Babouli/Hamilton to face a probably tired and demoralized shitecraps fc.
  13. sweet, a natural right back and if Hagglund can learn how to track a runner a little better we have locked up Mr. Salmon header. beware the set piece.
  14. ha, good point, need to follow up. It actually came right to my door in the time frame they were predicting. fantastic. In the past Purolator would update the tracking number to say they tried to deliver it but they did nothing of the sort. The buzzer at my building goes to my cell so I would have known had they even tried. But this delivery was spot on. Cool little package this year. Someone went a little nutz with the artwork on the tickets but they are fun and will make a good display when I get around to building frames for select year's packages. Nice scarf if going out for a fine dinner but not the most game friendly. wouldn't want to get beer on this one and I might try to buy one if the scalpers sell them off on ebay to have one I don't really covet enough to keep pristine. It's odd how we always get these packages during the season but when we do I know that the first home experience is just around the corner. can't wait to get back into our stadium.
  15. Just got the notification with the FEDEX?!? tracking number. so long Purolator. So I might actually have it delivered this time instead of having to go out into the hinterland to get it from a depot.