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  1. Is there any way to stop him? I want the money he owes me as I sure many many others do as well... but more than that I want him stopped. He ruined the industry for me in Abby
  2. There r people in abbotsford who know where he is. I think its alberta. He is on fb with his real name as is his gf but they have me blocked on all accounts.
  3. He still hasnt turned himself in. I need to serve him papers. The police in BC says its civil and wont even help. Even tho he has that girl's car she lend him. (How is it civil she never said he could skip town with her car thats called stolen vehicle at that point) im so glad he got caught and run out if town but i wish it was after i served those papers. Sigh
  4. He is in abbotsford +1 (604) 226-2699 id like to do what i can to stop him. He owes me several thousand dollars and all i got was bounced checks. Has anyone filed complains with the governing fitness bodies? Cfes or CanFit Pro or the BC one BCRap or whatever the ontario version is? I am doing this today. I know he teaches at Rotary in Abby and a place called Fontaine Fitness but i dont know where he lives