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  1. Season tickets in 113 cannot be purchased and U-Sector doesn't sell them. Your only hope is to buy seasons elsewhere in the stadium and hope to someday be able to move existing seats into 113 or another south end section. Getting into 113 is a multi-year process, if you can get in at all. The way to be a part of U-Sector is to come out (pre/post/away-game), get to know people and become a part of the group. It's not really a become a member kind of situation.
  2. The artificial turf will be a decade old so I think it's getting some sort of refit but that's it.
  3. Conor Casey is retiring as well.
  4. Ha ha. Only breakfast is in jeopardy, not the match. I'll get there or die trying.
  5. Been sick since yesterday evening. Tomorrow morning will now be a last minute decision.
  6. There's that as well but people able to post batches of 9, 10, 19, 24 tickets in one go are not people with regular ticket accounts.
  7. Watching Ticketmaster and StubHub through the day you can see that there are some people apparently able to buy extra seats or TM themselves are putting seats up on StubHub at vastly inflated prices. There are nearly a hundred seats in the temp stand (which has no STHs) up on StubHub right now. In some cases as many as 10 tickets in a row. As well over in section 210 a batch of 24 consecutive seats was spotted on StubHub and no regular person has 24 seats in their account.
  8. They're in the account manager now. Tickets bought!
  9. Heard you were by 113 yesterday, sorry I missed you but glad you're still around Graham.