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  1. What's the date of execution? Many a good time in these threads over the years.
  2. 389499-95119 Do it up.
  3. I'll take em, brother! YNWA
  4. I need 2-4 for this match, if anyone has any going spare. Thanks!
  5. This thread is still one of the best things the internet has to offer. Still over the moon with herr Klopp as well.
  6. "Manning told the Star he believes the issue between Inebriatti and the club rests in language. Supporters groups, he said, are not responsible for the section as a whole, just the seats members occupy." If you tout your tickets to someone you don't know or that can't control themselves and you are held responsible, that's just fine with me. Whoever sold their tickets to the seatbreakers of last night can get fucked for all I care. Quit making a buck off your coworkers or casual acquaintances. If Manning is correct and the only "new" provision the club is asking for is that whoever owns the ticket be responsible for whoever they let use it, I don't think anyone would or should have an issue with that in the slightest. If anything it gives us license to start asking the randoms who the hell they are/they're with. The club moved these guys into their seats for the most part, so if something goes down in those seats surely they know who is responsible.
  7. Everyone's favourite mouthpiece came out with this a few hours ago: "But a well-placed source in the position to know told the Toronto Sun this week that BMO Field’s enhanced security cameras caught two fans holding the banner at separate moments — one of which was donning an Inebriatti shirt. Both have been suspended." Kinda makes most of this a moot point now, no? We're no longer talking about champions against tyranny and the protectors or justice. We're talking about deceitful buck passers mastering the art of deflection. The code shouldn't be altered. It suited everyone just fine until the club created this group.
  8. 64863-23522 Get at it.
  9. Shit, are these gone? I just replied to your pm before checking the thread...
  10. As my memory grows ever worse, would it be too much to ask that everyone wear nametags on Saturday? Nah, just fucking around! Can't wait to see the lot of yas!
  11. Any spares for this one, I'll take 'em. Need loads. It's the weekend of Taco Fest, Jaimi's birthday AND the small matter of the possibility of a certain Steven being in town. This one:
  12. Just EMT'd you, TFP.
  13. Oh it does. Boston/Columbus are proof of that.
  14. Yeah, we muppets are taking Manhattan for this one.
  15. An entirely logical alternative view: